Baltic Amber Necklaces

Quite a few of my friends are into amber necklaces.  In fact, they put them on their babies and toddlers because it helps with teething.  It is said that the skin’s warmth releases healing oils from the amber (a resin) which are absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. Amber is not a stone and therefore warm to the touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear.

The downside is… amber beads are expensive.  It’s taken me awhile to work up the courage to invest in some.  I finally purchased some Baltic Amber in my last order though and made this necklace last night.

Baltic Amber and Wood Necklace by Sweetfire Creations by Lori Reed

Baltic Amber and Wood Necklace by Sweetfire Creations

I  also used cultivated little leaf box wood beads (fast growing, environmentally friendly) and glass seed bead accents.

Another thing that I’ve been wanting to try is knotting.  In the past, I’ve only strung on wire with crimps.  So this is my venture into thread and knotting.  It’s been challenging for me with the small size of the thread but I finally got it down.   I’m going to test run this necklace for awhile before I place one in the store just to make sure the quality of my knotting is good enough.   I’m so hard on the jewelry I wear (I’m a klutz and I fidget a lot) that I figure if something can survive me, it can survive most anyone.  :)