NoDa All Arts Market Success

It started out rainy… my niece and I unloaded the car and got fairly soaked doing it.  I was afraid the rain would keep the people away.   It did seem to keep the vendors away.  It was surprising how many empty vendor spots there were.   However, the sales weren’t bad… and, as always, I loved chatting with the people who were perusing the art.

It was added fun having my niece there.  She was a lot of help.  Even made a sale entirely on her own.  I came back from the restroom and she was holding money.  She sold two pairs of earrings while I was gone.  Woot!

I’ll be back at NoDa on September 3rd for an Art Walk during the DNC.  Artists are setting up in the Smelly Cat and DogBar parking lots between 4pm to 7pm.  I’ll probably not be taking my full shop since it’s outside, but I will be showcasing some new items.

Hope to see you there!