Afternoon in the Park and Rose Quartz

On Sunday I had a table at Sunday Afternoon in the Park in Mint Hill, NC.  Unfortunately, I signed up a bit late and kind of a got a crummy spot.  Last year I was on the front line and did very well.  This year I was in the back… in direct sunlight for most of it and I would say half the people cut in between some booths farther up and didn’t even make it down my way.  It was so hot and I’m still recovering from sun burn… and I even brought an umbrella to hide under.

This is yet another lesson in what happens when you procrastinate.   I’m going to email her this week and see if I can go ahead and sign up for next year… lol.

I did get to see some friends.  Dawn and her daughters stopped by.  Wish I could have chatted more but it was at one of the times that I had customers.  She sat up the last few years.  She does artwork and writes awesome books.  If you get a chance… check out her work:  D.E. Montgomery

A fellow mommy from the pre-school, Allison, also stopped by.  She’s a member of the Queen’s Capers Morris Dancers and chatted.  It was great seeing her.

Today, I should be doing some painting… but instead… I felt rosy.  So, I made a rose quartz tree of life suncatcher.   You can click the picture to see it in my Etsy store.  That reminds me, when I was at the park, I was finishing up a rose quartz pendant when a lady saw what I was doing and liked it so much she bought it even before it was done.  :)    How cool.

Rose Quartz Tree of Life Suncatcher by Sweetfire Creations by Lori Reed

Rose Quartz Tree of Life Suncatcher by Sweetfire Creations