In honor of St. Patrick’s Day… Money Four Leaf Clover!!    Approx. 3 inches wide. The shamrock is made of 2 one-dollar bills and the stem is another one-dollar bill.

My first bracelet!   Well, if you don’t count the braided friendship bracelets we made in elementary school.  :)

These are similar to the wire rounds I had made previously.  They were very popular… I sold all but one set of them.  Unfortunately, they have sold out of the wire rounds at the store, but I did find these metal rounds that are very nice.

Speaking of the wire rounds… I made this bracelet to match a pair of earrings I had made for my friend Julie.

I had a friend looking for some pink earrings… so I made a few different earrings in pink.

And these are antiqued pewter flowers with a Swarovski crystal center.

Here are the butterflies again, this time with hematite and a matching ring.

I have created a few more items recently that I will be getting onto the site soon.   My fingers have been a blur of folding since I received orders for 8 bouquets.  Yay!!   I can’t wait to share the pictures of them on here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!