New Items – 7/9/10

I realized today that it’s been awhile since I have updated my site.  If you are on FaceBook, feel free to become a fan there.  I tend to update that one a bit more regularly.   You can click on this link to get there: Sweetfire Creations

Let’s see… in June, I learned a chain mail pattern that was fun.  I’ve made a few bracelets with that.

This one is called a barrel pattern

Matching Bracelet and Earrings... super light weight!

Then I branched out to rubber links to try something different:

Various bracelet patterns

In my next order of supplies, I will be getting some Panther’s charms and breast cancer ribbon charms (both officially sponsored) to add to these bracelets.

I also created a few new Tree of Life patterns.   The first one was an idea from my mother-in-law, Kathy.  She requested one with the stones of her grandchildren.  They are all Swarovski crystals except for the pearl and turquoise.   Kathy’s stone, emerald, is in the center.  I love getting requests, so please send them.

Birthstone Tree of Life

This next tree of life is made with cut green glass.  I like it because the green is so vibrant and it makes a spiffy light catcher as well.  I have hung one on my window upstairs.

Cut Green Glass Tree of Life

Then someone had requested a much smaller tree of life… so I made a wee one.

Tiny Tree of Life

And then more recently, I have discovered a style of earrings that is fun to make and so you’ll probably be seeing them in many colors.  Oh and memory wire bracelets.   Those are fun to make as well.

Glass beads on a memory wire bracelet... no clasp needed.

Purple Millefiori beads and matching earrings

Yellow and black Czech glass beads with matching earrings

And more earrings…

Purple cats eye with dark blue-ish purple accents

Light blue with black accents

Black millefiori with yellow accents