Tree of Life Box

Look at this cool Tree of Life Box that one of my customers made for his wife.  It is their 20th anniversary and she loves trees, so he purchased the Seasons Set from me and then made this insert to display them in.    It’s incredibly romantic (especially what he wrote on it)… swoon!

Anniversary Present - Hand-Made Box Insert

As Autumn approaches, I just wanted to send out a big “THANK YOU!” to all the customers that I met over the summer.   There were lots of art festivals and sales that I attended and had a great time doing them.  This last month, I took some time off but I have started back to work.  Last Friday, I attended the Shiny Space Bazaar and had a wonderful time!

A few friends have suggest that I branch out into hair accessories, so I tried my hand at making some hair pins.  They are all of the lotus flower with variations so far.  I enjoyed making them, but I have a feeling that they look much better in person since I sold quite a few of them at the bazaar but the pics just aren’t all that great.  Sigh.  The blue and purple onces are about 1.5 inches wide and the beaded lotus is 1 inch wide.   I will be moving on to other flowers and designs soon.

Blue Lotus

Small Open Lotus with Wooden Bead

Purple Lotus

Sweetfire Creations by Lori Reed