Money Origami

If you’ve been to one of the art shows recently or if you’re my pizza delivery person, you’ve probably seen these.   :)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… give someone you love a money heart!

Item #63 – Money Origami Creations

Here are four designs for sale;  butterfly, Christmas Tree, ruffled heart and space shuttle.

Some ideas for money origami:

* Most fit great in a card for the people you can’t figure out what to buy

* Very fun tips for waitresses, pizza delivery, etc.

* Birthday party and wedding favors

* Use a glue dot and put it on a wrapped present for some za za zing

To purchase, just click the drop down menu under the picture and choose the one you like!  If you would like different denominations (10’s, 20’s, 100’s, etc)  than listed, just shoot me an email at lori [@]

The butterfly uses 2 bills.

Money Origami Sweetfire Creations

Shipping Class E

Sweetfire Creations by Lori Reed